Brake Service

  • Stopping "Brake" Downs (Brake Pad Replacement)
    If someone tells you to put the brakes on something, you know it means stop.  And stopping is one of the most important safety maneuvers you can do in any vehicle.  That means your brakes ha...
    Published on: Mar 12, 2023
  • Reaching the Braking Point (Brake hose replacement)
    If you notice your brakes aren’t working like they used to, that’s the kind of thing that’s important to have checked out soon.  That’s because your brakes are extraordina...
    Published on: May 19, 2024
  • Oh, Stop! (Disc Brake Service)
    Every time you drive your vehicle, you wear down your brakes just a little bit.  And after a while, that adds up.  Gradually, your stopping power isn't like it used to be.  Since brakes...
    Published on: Jun 16, 2024